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Working Holiday Maker Visa

Most Commonwealth citizens between the ages of 17 and 30 are permitted to come to the UK for a working holiday of up to 2 years.

Working holidaymakers can only take up employment that is incidental to their holiday. This means working holidaymakers can work full-time for half of the 2 years, or can work part-time for the whole period. They must be able to support and accommodate themselves without reliance on public funds. Applicants who are married will not be accepted, unless the spouse also qualifies as a working holidaymaker in his or her own right.

All working holidaymakers are required to obtain an entry clearance or visa regardless of their nationality. ARKrights Solicitors can advise on the process involved and prepare the relevant documentation for applying for entry clearance. In some of the countries whose nationals are entitled by law to apply, though, the British High Commission will not accept working holiday applications. We can advise about this.

Once in the UK, we can also advise on the possibility of remaining in the UK beyond the 2-year period. For example, working holidaymakers after 12 months can now switch into work permit employment, as long as the requirements of the work permit scheme are met.


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