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Immigration to UK for Family Members - Civil Partners

For same-sex couples, rights to enter or remain in the UK if you register a Civil Partnership. There was a historic change in UK law in December 2005. The Civil Partnership Act now allows two people of the same sex to register their partnership, and give it effectively the same status for all legal purposes as a marriage. Registration is done at a local Register Office. There are no arrangements for churches to register a partnership, though some may hold ceremonies of blessing.

If you want to register your partnership with your same sex partner here you will need permission from the Home Office, unless both of you are already settled here or are EEA [link to EEA page] citizens. Our advisers can help with your application for permission (see our page on Getting married in the UK). The immigration authorities will also recognize civil partnerships from certain other countries.

It is possible to get a visa to come to the UK to register your partnership and then to stay on, in the same way as a fiancÚ, or while visiting for a short time. The visa will not say that you are going to make a partnership with someone of the same sex. Civil partnerships have the same effect for all immigration purposes as marriages, and registered partners are allowed to stay in all the cases, and on the same terms, as spouses. After a 2-year probationary period you will be able to apply to settle here permanently.


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